Legacy of Love Program
Do you want to leave a lasting impression on future generations of children in the arts? 
Contact Us:  PO Box 184, Florence, OR 97439    (541) 999-8641     crowtheatrekids@yahoo.com  EIN: 45-3478841
There are 3 main ways that you can help our
program thrive for the foreseeable future:
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Special Events
Legacy of Love
1) Make a donation or pledge for yourself or on behalf of a loved one.  We will create a beautiful plaque in our new building, featuring the names of all those who have made a large donation toward making the dream possible for the children of Florence.  Imagine you or your loved one's name there....for all to see.

2) Remember C.R.O.W. in your will by making a gift of an estate, property, or a financial bequest to our organization.  Your generous gift will impact generations of children.

3) Consider creating or contributing to an endowment for C.R.O.W.  By putting funds into an endowment account for our organization, C.R.O.W. will receive annual or bi-annual payments to help us stay alive and thriving.  This ensures that your money is put to the best possible use and is an excellent investment in the future.  Many successful arts organizations have a large endowment fund to help them achieve future programs, fund projects, and to build new dreams.  Knowing that those funds are "always there," is a huge gift to all involved. 
Please contact us with questions regarding this program, and thank you for considering!