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Haunted Maze - Actor Availability Form

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General Information for Potential Maze Actors

1) All maze characters will be required to wear extensive make-up, face coverings, and/or a latex mask. If you have sensitivity to latex or other issues with wearing special effects style make-up, please talk to us early on.  

2) Actors are required to provide their own costumes - unless we specify otherwise.  Please let us know in the comments box if you have something that might work for a specific character.  Otherwise, you must be willing to purchase costume items for yourself AND GET THEM APPROVED BY US!

3) Actors are expected to be professional and remain in character at all times.  Anyone who breaks character may be asked to leave the maze, and will not be allowed to return.  We take this very seriously.  

4) Actors will receive special call times for make-up prior to the times that the maze is open to the public.  This can be up to 3 hours prior to "go" time.   All cast calltime is generally one hour prior to "go" time.   It's a good idea to bring some energy-building snacks and to eat dinner before arriving if possible.  Please bring a water bottle with a tightly fitting lid, labeled with your name.

5) There is a mandatory ALL CAST logistics rehearsal on TBA from 6:30-8:00 PM.  During this meeting, you will be assigned your spot and you will be allowed to walk around to familiarize yourself with the maze.

6) Actors may walk through on one night they are not working for free.  All family members must purchase a ticket to walk through the maze. Please note that our lines are often very long.  If there is a line at 9 pm, all patrons who have purchased tickets will be allowed to walk through.  Actors may not leave until they are released.  Parents, please make sure you are aware that this may mean your child may not be done until after 9:30 pm or later if the line is really long.  

7)  Please review our Hold Harmless Agreement and Code of Conduct.  All maze actors must check that they have read, understand, and agree to our documents, or they will not be considered for a role in the maze.  Please note:  Participation as an actor in the maze is AT YOUR OWN RISK.   Patrons are asked not to touch actors, but in working with the general public, these kinds of things are sometimes unavoidable.  We do everything in our power to keep our performers safe.


8) Submitting this form does NOT guarantee you a spot in the maze.  We are sorry, but we cannot cast everyone who wishes to participate.    Casting will be posted on the C.R.O.W. Parents and Volunteers Facebook Page, and you will also be notified by email. 

Please ask if you have questions, prior to submitting this form.  Email Melanie at: 

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