Cast List

Congratulations to the cast
of Frozen Jr.

Anna: Elyse Stewart

Elsa: Haylee Cole

Young Anna: Maggie Walls

Middle Anna: Reese Flescher

Young Elsa: Abigael Hummel

Middle Elsa: Hosanna Stone

King Agnarr: Andrew Hester

Queen Iduna: Eryn Morgan

Pabbie, The Hidden Folk's King: Dante Galli

Bulda, The Hidden Folk's Queen: Alex Fuller

Kristoff: William Owens

Hans: Owen Harklerode

Sven: Nyx Harklerode

Olaf: Elliot Dotson

Wandering Oaken: Andrew Hester

Duke of Weselton: Landon Peck

Bishop of Arendelle: Emma Meier

Townsfolk/ Snow Chorus/ Hidden Folk/ Castle Staff/ Etc.*

Olivia Colby, Zoie Evans, Hailey Flescher, Sabrina Heard, Emma Meier, Lillian Olson,

Violet Ory-Remer, Gus Stone, Henry Stone, Saige Winters

* Please note, vocal solos and small speaking roles are to be assigned during rehearsals