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C.R.O.W. Forms & Guidelines

C.R.O.W. is committed to providing a safe, nurturing enviroment for all participants (children and adults).  However, in order to provide an environment conducive to mutual success, all participants must follow the rules & guidelines detailed in the PDF documents below. 


  • All participants in our program must agree to follow C.R.O.W.'s code of conduct (behavior guidelines), and must submit our Hold Harmless agreement. 

  • In order to participate in a C.R.O.W. program or show, we also require a Photo/Video Release form to be submitted (see below). 

  • Volunteers must submit permission to run a Background Check (as deemed necessary by the C.R.O.W. Board of Directors).  

PHOTO/VIDEO RELEASE: All past and present students of C.R.O.W. appear with parent permission which is granted by a signed photo release form. In order to participate in any C.R.O.W. class, workshop, event, or production, a photo release is required, which allows use of the child's likeness by C.R.O.W. in print, online, on TV, on social media, and anywhere else for promotion, marketing, or for any other reason.  Based upon the nature of our performing arts based services, students who are unable to submit a photo release form are unfortunately not permitted to participate in C.R.O.W. events, classes, workshops, or productions.   

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at  Thank you!

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