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Presenting the 2019 Scare-c.r.o.w. Haunted maze

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The 2019 Haunted Maze is sponsored by

Angle & Square LLC

Dave Hansen & Paula Burnette

Chad Clement, DDS/PC

Larisa Denney - In Memory of Jeff Welker

Laurel Bay Gardens

Maire Testa

Susan Ritchie

Katherine Shamey and Bonnie Kramer

Elizabeth Readel

Handyman 101 Construction LLC

Special Thanks to: Lofy Construction LLC for letting us borrow their chainlink fencing.

Usually, when the Carnival comes to town, it's time for fun and merry-making.  But this time, something is different.  Something just isn't right about the performers.  One by one, humanity has been drained from the traveling troupe, until all that is left is utter darkness.  They want YOU to join them in their macabre celebration under the tent.  Will you enter the Freak Show to see what's on display?  And once you enter, will you.....STAY? 


Q: Where is the maze located?

A: 3120 Hwy 101 in Florence, inside the C.R.O.W. Center for the Performing Arts.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: $6 per person.  Cash only.  We are sorry, but we can't accept checks or credit cards. 

Q: Is it scary?

A: Yes, this maze is very scary.  It contains both youth and adult actors, and many terrifying scenarios, props, and special effects.  It is not a "kiddie maze."  

Q: How long does the maze last?

A: The maze is approximately 6-8 minutes in length, but it all depends on how fast your feet take you through.  Some people can't wait to get out, while others want to go more slowly and enjoy the terrifying sights.  

Q: How long is the wait time?

A: The maze is a highly desirable local haunted attraction, so wait times can be long.  Please plan accordingly.  If you arrive early, you are more likely to experience a shorter line.  If it is raining, you may want to bring an umbrella for the line. 

Q: Is there food available on site?

A: We are SO excited to have "Smokin' Pops" back for another year!  Pops will serve up Carolina BBQ and other tasty delights from his food truck parked out front of our maze.  Make sure to test all of his yummy options.  We sure do love Pops!  #welovepops

Q: What's "Family Hour?" 

A: This "less scary" hour will still contain all of the same props and special effects, but there will be no ‘jump scares’ and fewer, more "friendly" wandering monsters.  This is a great time to come if you are a small child or a big chicken.  Small children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  Disclaimer: The maze itself will still contain many scary visuals and props.  Entry is at your own risk, and with parental discretion!

Q: Is the maze ADA Accessible?

A: Yes, our maze can be enjoyed by ADA persons in wheelchairs (small chairs, non-motorized recommended), or with canes, walkers, etc.  Please note, entry is at your own risk and although the maze layout is designed for entry by ADA individuals, it is still a haunted maze, and there will be tight corners, fog, special lighting (i.e.-strobes), startles, monsters, etc.  Please know what you're in for!  The maze is very scary!

Q: What about other medical issues I may have?

A: Entry is at your own risk.  Do not enter the maze if you have heart issues, or any other medical condition that might be impacted by a sudden scare or special effects such as strobe lights, fog, etc.   

Q: Am I allowed to smoke?

A: There can be no smoking (including vaping) inside the maze, in line, or anywhere near the C.R.O.W. Center for the Performing Arts.  Due to the many flammable props, etc, no flame of any kind is permitted.  

Q: Can I bring a flashlight?

A: No illumination devices of any kind are permitted inside the maze, as it ruins the effect.  This includes flash lights, phones, glow sticks, etc.  You are supposed to be scared in the dark.  That's the whole point.  

Q: What about valuables?

A: C.R.O.W. is not responsible for the loss of any valuables.  If you are worried about losing it, don't bring it.  This includes cell phones and anything else that might fall out of your pocket or purse when you are startled.  Please leave all valuables at home!

Q: Can I take photos of the maze?

A: We encourage you to take pictures OUTSIDE of the maze.  No photography or video recording of any kind is permitted inside the maze.  


Q: How many people go through the maze at a time?

A: We typically send people through in small groups of no more than 4.  If your party is larger, we can make an exception, but you will find it much more fun if you go through in a small group.  Monsters like to isolate you before they eat you.  

Q: Any other attire rules? 

A: No masks (covered faces) are permitted while walking through the maze.  This is for your safety.  No large backpacks or bags of any kind are permitted inside the maze.  Purses are permitted, but must be worn at all times.  It is recommended that you wear closed toed shoes.  

Q: Is your maze indoors?

A: Yes, the maze is located inside, but the waiting area is outside, so please dress accordingly and bring an umbrella for waiting in line if needed. 

Q: Is the C.R.O.W. Haunted Maze a fundraiser?

A: C.R.O.W. is a non-profit organization that provides high caliber youth arts opportunities.  All funds from our annual Haunted Maze support programming and production expenses for local youth.  "Come show you care by getting scared." 

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