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Classes at C.R.O.W.

We will offer a limited summer dance schedule from July 10-August 18th (6 weeks).  Additional classes will be offered in the Fall.  Please make sure to follow us on Facebook for updates. 


Please scroll down to enroll in Summer Classes.   There is a button below that will take you to the enrollment page.  

CREATIVE MOVEMENT IS FULL.  Another session will be offered in the Fall. 

Summer Dance Class Worksheet 2023.jpg

C.R.O.W. Dance Student Dress & Shoe Code:  Students must wear appropriate dancewear and shoes for each class they attend.  Long hair must be pulled back into a bun or ponytail and out of face.  Please no "street clothes."  Students should arrive to C.R.O.W. already dressed for dance.  Restroom facilities are available, but space is limted for changing, so we strongly recommend you arrive dressed and ready to dance.  Please do NOT wear dance shoes outdoors.  You may bring a dance bag.

Hip Hop / Jazz: leggings or tights, sweats, form fitting t-shirt or leotard, sneakers or black jazz shoes.  Any appropriate, non-distracting dancewear is typically acceptable.  
Contemporary: leggings or tights, sweats, form fitting t-shirt or leotard, barefoot or half soles.  Any appropriate, non-distracting dancewear is typically acceptable. 
Ballet: Girls: pink tights, black leotard, pink ballet shoes with elastics over arch.  Boys: black tights or black leggings, white T-shirt, black ballet shoes. 
Tap: Any dancewear or comfortable attire you can move in, tap shoes are required.  We suggest oxford style tap shoes (For beginners, we recommend flexible sole such as "Tap Flex" or similar)
Strength & Conditioning: any comfortable workout attire
Creative Movement: Girls can wear leggings or tights, leotard, skirt or tutu is fine.  Boys can wear tight fitting sweats, leggings, and T-shirt.  Appropriate logos/words only.  Ballet or jazz shoes are preferred. 

Absolutely NO offensive logos or graphics permitted in our space.  Students dressed inappropriately will not be permitted to take class. 

Please ask us if you need financial assistance with shoes/attire.  We will do whatever we can to make sure every child has what he/she needs for class. If you want to donate shoes that are too small, we do have a small shoe donation box.  Adults may also look in the donation box for your child's size, but will need to do so when it is convenient for C.R.O.W.  We typically do not have many shoes in larger/adult sizes.    

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