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What's a "Tutu Dad?"

The concept for the Tutu Dads was created, when C.R.O.W.'s Artistic Director, Melanie Heard, noticed that so many of the C.R.O.W. youth had fathers and father figures who were upbeat and had a great sense of humor.  She knew that these men would like to be more involved in their children’s arts education, but perhaps didn’t know how.  Heard also recognized a general need for more laughter and light-hearted fun in the local community.  Thus, out of sheer necessity, the Tutu Dads were born!

The Tutu Dads perform annually in the Holly Jolly Follies and Spring Dance Showcase.  On rare occasions, they are available to book as a fundraiser for C.R.O.W. (for events, etc - with lots of advance notice). 

The Tutu Dads have quickly obtained fame and notoriety in our local community, even getting recognized at the grocery store and movie theatre.  If you see a "Tutu Dad" in public, feel free to stop him and congratulate him.  You may even get a free mini-performance in the yogurt aisle....if you're very lucky! 


If you're interested in becoming a Tutu Dad, please contact Melanie at:

No previous dance experience is required, and beards, bellies, and hairy legs are encouraged!

Feel free to browse through some of these images of the World Famous Tutu Dads!  Follow the Tutu Dads on Facebook - CLICK HERE

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