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The Contest has ended for 2020.  

Click HERE to see this year's winners!

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Sponsored by:

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To become a sponsor, please contact Melanie at: or 541-999-8641

INFO & Rules:

1.  A pumpkin (of any size/variety/color) must be the central component in your entry.  You may use more than one pumpkin or any other materials.  Pumpkin may be carved, painted, decorated, or ???  Use your imagination! 

2. The design must be your original idea.

3.  One entry per person.

4. You must submit a minimum of one and a maximum of four digital images of your entry.  Please make sure we can see the whole thing!  You may submit a picture with and without light inside (if appropriate).    

5.  You must appear in at least one of your entry photos.  In other words, please pose with your creation for at least one picture, so that we can tell you didn't just steal a pic from the internet.  Your face must be totally visible, so say "Cheeeeeeese!"  

6.  Each entry will be scored by a panel of judges and can receive up to 100 points per judge.  All decisions of the judges are final


7. You can earn an extra 10 bonus points if you include some sort of theatrical reference in your design (Broadway, show tune, famous actor/actress, etc.) You can hide it or flaunt it!

8.  Categories include: Munchkins (ages 3-10), Scariest Squash, Funniest Character, and the "Jack O. Lantern" Grand Prize for Overall Most Creative and Best Design.  

9.  Winners will receive a prize valued at $25+ (one prize per category). Grand prize winner will receive a bigger prize. 

10. Because of the digital format, this contest is open to each and every C.R.O.W. supporter (even folks who live outside of Florence).  Family members of judges may enter, but are not eligible for prizes.  


11.  Deadline for submissions is October 15th. Late entries will not be accepted.

Wanna be a sponsor?  If you'd like to sponsor the contest, please let Melanie know.  Sponsor's names will be listed on this page, on our C.R.O.W. Facebook page, and in any marketing emails we send out.  

Contest winners will be announced on C.R.O.W.'s Facebook Page, and via email.  Prizes will be delivered to the winners.  


If you have any questions, please email us at 

If you are ready to enter, please fill out the form below...


Here are some pumpkin designs we found on the internet.  Just a reminder that your design must be 100% original and created by YOU!  We can't wait to see what you come up with!

If you have questions, please feel free to email us at

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